Thursday, 2 June 2016

Healthy Ageing And Happy Ageing


             Getting older involves change, both negative and positive, but you can enjoy aging if you understand what's going on with your body and take steps to maintain your health.Many different things happen to your body as you age. Your skin, bone and even brain may start to behave differently. Don't let the changes that come with old age catch you by surprise.

You Bone: Bones become thinner and more brittle in Old Age, especially in woman,sometimes resulting in the fragile bone condition called Osteoporosis. Thinning bones and decreasing bone mass can put you at risk for falls that can easily results in broken bones.Talk to the physician about you can do to prevent before fall.

Your Heart: While a healthy diet and regular exercise can keep your heart healthy, it may become slightly enlarged and the heart rate may be lower.

Your Brain and Nervous System: Cells in the brain and nerves can be damaged by the formation of plaques and tangles, abnormalities that could eventually lead to Dementia.Make sure to talk with the physician.

         While maintaining your physical health is important to healthy aging, it's also a key to value the experience and maturity you gain with advancing years. Practicing healthy habits throughout your life is ideal, but it's never too late reap the benifits of taking good care of yourself, even as you get older.


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